Tuesday, June 23, 2009

uNiversity liFe~


salam guys~

one of my fav spot for nap..
one of the lecture hall...
yeah..i know quite long i left my blog..huhu..sorry..
i was so tied up with lots of things..
yg pasti ..
preparation for my campus life..

1st lecture.. >_<

now s a student,,lg busy dri dulu dowh..
i dunno..tp tah la cama gak kabut..still fun eh

mmg diff life kat U then life s highschooL student..

almost everyday ader je kje..tp tah la somehow i manage to survive..mwahaha

maybe bcoz i hav enough rest eh...
(no doubt bout it..trust me..
everyday with all the talks n lectures...r like lullaby for us..wahaha)

owh..i'm at perak..erm..panas giler..
(what am i? pkar kaji cuace..hahaha)

thus..erm..every Wed n Friday g swimming eh..hehe..

~tp thank GOD..

da 2 ari ujan..(baru jer ujan..slalunyer pnas giler)
arghh!!! cut the crap..ok2 i admit..i juz dunno what to write..
still i want to tell u things..
it is not like i dont hav idea..i hav a lot..

but then i'm stuck..bloooody stuck..

erm..to conclude here..life at utp roCk!!
(bez gak cuci mate kat sini..huhu ^_^)