Sunday, July 19, 2009

salam readerz..

haha..yeah..lame x wat post..erm..i'm home..nek train..

nak taw citer lbey lnjut bace blog kak jah dodol eh..


erm..he sang diz song for me last nite..


izinkan aku melafazkan isi hatiku

kau yang satu, tiada yang lain darimu

pastiku kan ubati lukamu, segalakemahuanmu kuberi

janjiku padamu hatiku hanya untukmu

tiada yang lain darimu.

hasratku hanyalah untukmu

izinkan aku lafazkan isi hatiku

masihkah aku bertahta di hatimu

janjiku padamu, hatiku kau perlu tahu...

i know..i know i'm a helpless romantic person..

(so what? ~_^)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

uNiversity liFe~


salam guys~

one of my fav spot for nap..
one of the lecture hall...
yeah..i know quite long i left my blog..huhu..sorry..
i was so tied up with lots of things..
yg pasti ..
preparation for my campus life..

1st lecture.. >_<

now s a student,,lg busy dri dulu dowh..
i tah la cama gak kabut..still fun eh

mmg diff life kat U then life s highschooL student..

almost everyday ader je tah la somehow i manage to survive..mwahaha

maybe bcoz i hav enough rest eh...
(no doubt bout me..
everyday with all the talks n lectures...r like lullaby for us..wahaha)

owh..i'm at perak..erm..panas giler..
(what am i? pkar kaji cuace..hahaha)

thus..erm..every Wed n Friday g swimming eh..hehe..

~tp thank GOD..

da 2 ari ujan..(baru jer ujan..slalunyer pnas giler)
arghh!!! cut the crap..ok2 i admit..i juz dunno what to write..
still i want to tell u things..
it is not like i dont hav idea..i hav a lot..

but then i'm stuck..bloooody stuck.. conclude at utp roCk!!
(bez gak cuci mate kat sini..huhu ^_^)


Sunday, April 26, 2009

erm..boOk fAiR..a coiNciDence??

salam guys~

(pas mkn kat the mall..aku hmpir sesat kat sini..jgn bg taw org len)

(plz hire us..we can b a gud

yesterday was faaabuLous!!
even matt.israa n me kbetulan pkai bju kaler same.. lak..=P
smlam ader matt,ekin,israa.athirah,mira piee n her sis..n me of course eh.
mcm rancang2 lak..met lots of people i missed like hell since our last day at school 2gether..haha
cam budak kcik dpt kan smlm cam der boNus..i met diz kiut creature..but he is hers..x ley kacau la..cuCi mate..huhu..(erm..x snonoh lak ank dare neh.) i s always de best eva..erm..bkan nak kter x syg hiDan but the truth.. i seem so over hiDan's death after that girl at the cashier said that i may get another 30% dicaunt if i buy another book..which i did..i know..i is a waste if we buy something that we dont need...but the temptation was soooo hard to resist..
urm..hey maybe i do need those books..someday..who know rite?rite?
owh..yg x best..smlm rmai sgt sgt sgt umat manusia..bak kater mama mcm uLat taik..
i dont know mmg rmai gler..time nak pergi..kiteorg tpakse tingglkan 2 kali tren yg heading ke slak slatan bcoz mmg x ley masuk..ok law boley pown sorg
tp useless la coz kite dgt rmai2..nak g rmai2 ..(the truth is idk nak nek ktm neh,,or camner nak transit ker..n aper2 swaktu dgnnyer..)
then..we shop in pwtc till we lost each other..sume org seem like SUMO wrestler..
nak bli barg rempuh.
nak bayar rempuh..
dasat eh... but see from the bright way..kire org2 mlaysia ske bce buku eh..or maybe they juz a shoppahoLic..ha-ha
having lots of younger sister mmg soNok biler time depa kirim nak bLi buku paling leceh..(i do luv u guyz eh)
i hav 3 sis n each of my sis kirim 5 or 6 books..which mean i hav 2 carry 15 books juz for them..x tmasuk akunyer buku lagi..waa~ peNat sgt2..thank god i brought together my backpack..sng koje eDen eh..huhu
tp kan idk why..i do enjoy shop for them actually..
i met farha n wan suhaiLa(kwn time skola rndah) kat ktm..
i met qah2,azWa, naBila, haNisah, aisyah joE, tiQah wahabkat saner

(x la itam sgt qah2 s a pLkn leaver eh)

(still cam azwa pkai cincin saper eh..da ade x citer pown..haha)

(senyum sokmo..erm..sokmo tu aper eh..idk)

i met fawae n sorry i cant rmmber sape nga fawae..sorry sgt2..owh no no ..bru tringat..shikin eh eh..>_< align="center">"no matter how long we know each other or how i far we live from each other..we still frens forever.."
lurve u guyz~


Thursday, April 23, 2009

hiDan is goNe!!

salam readers..

"yang patah akan tumbuh, yang hilang pasti berganti"
erm..still i believe nobody can replace u dear hidan (in the pic)..
erm.. i felt soo0 miserable...i'm a a bad master..
jgn la kakuzu pown meninggal gak..
t sape nak men nga aku
juz for few days i left u under their care..u left me forever..
i nver thought when u say gudbye last time was permenant..
hah~sedey nyer ya rabbi.. miSsy..♠

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


salam guyz..
(btoi2 b4 msuk interview..xcited lak)

quite some time x post..byk rse nak tulis but then byk lg yg m'halang.. so, last friday n saturday i was in perak..erm.. intebiu for UTP.. my head was lil bit messy..maybe a lot..
still i hav to attend no matter what coz my dad da blackmail x mo bg laptop if i quit...

so, i did went the interview..
(without telling erm..him.. the one in lumut...u dont know who la) biase...i was so so so cuak..hell! saPe x cuak dowh..

erm..i met various type of people..erm..dak2 kerek pown der..yg humble sgt pown ader..n yg blurr cam aku pown ader.

i was sitting on few type of test for this utp application..math,chem,phisics,addMath (aku x ready ape some of the formula is not with me!!! not in my brain!! tp thank god not so susah la)..iQ test

being in front 2 people we have no damn clue who the hell r they n have to speak out our opinion on something that like hell i know is so darn depressing!! at first la

then for about few minutes telling stuff bout was quite ok-la..( the feeling was like u r talking an stage~ betoi x tipu)

i juz start being myseft n talked..talked..

sometime i dont even realise what the hell is happening until i was asked by the accessor..
erm..the..i blurted something that i have no idea the accessor tu cam pham je..yeke..?
i dont know eh was fun..doakan la ku dpt kat situ..

btoi2 nak..

for the first time in my life i really have my goal.. till i hav forgotten all the reason i want to become a doctor once upon a time ago..

now insya allah..i want to be a petroleum engineer.. ^_^

Thursday, April 9, 2009

tag by rDa~


sila tag seramai org yg bole dgn nama yg pnuh yg agak btoL..n Lelaki x dibenarkan dlm proses tag ini dan hanya 5 org sahaja dibenarkan

>>raBiatul aDAwiyah?
>>aisYah hiJazi
>>Nur faDhilah mokhtar

5 beNda yg setiap hari harus dilakukan

>>baNgun tido dgn rase yg malas tramat sgt..
>>erm..mop lantai
>>lipat baju
>>gosok baju
>>masak mkanan tuk knak2 balik skolah nanti..

(hurm..i know2..bit dull...well thats my routine for this few weeks...uh-huh..kiter nak jd ank leh tmbah saham eh biler mak mentua tgk..eceh..malu la~

5 namer yg ader dlm otak anDa ker?ok2..
>> my damn sweet bBy...eRdina mysaRa..
(yeah..moden ek namer dya..bakn aku yg bg eh)
>> erm..saper g eh..aZwa? plez..

5 pekara penting biler onLine..

hurm..lemme think first k..
>>baCe maiL
>> maen gAme
>>gA.. ok what else..da aku ske maen game nak wat camNEr..hurm..
>>erm..bace saper dA update maNga ker..fanFic ker..(cam matt jer..)

tu je la per lg eh..k saLAm guyz~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

so it be.. and alhamdulillah

salam guyz..
erm..always lurve this thing..

"hope for the best and prepare for the worst" ngate aku jer..
erm..yup result spm da kluar..and i'm doing good..not great..still alhamdulillah..dpat cam trial gak tp even better..( howcome nak dpt result mantap if u r facing to the pc for 23 hours a day men game eh..huhu ~_~)
i learned my lesson..

the point is it doesnt mean that ur life ends.. uh-huh no need la nak commit suicide juz bcoz u r not getting flying colours result eh.. yeah.. coz byk lg test kat dunia neh..
the small test u r facing is not a test about u r is a test how u face ur probs..or
maybe a test how greatful r u as a person..or perhaps it juz a test for u to improve urself..

not doing great in spm doesnt mean that u r failure for the rest of ur life..
bur u r afailure for the rest of ur life if u dont get up for every fall u had..

erm.. i'm not talking out of random.. i'm talking about myself..something that i believe i shud share with others..( n it is not about something that make us feel bad or good about ourselve after getting not axpecte result..)
it is abut to make us realise that
we desearve the 2nd chance if we learned from our mistakes..

things had face it lar..
so skang tsadai kat umah donig all the chores..yeah..biler lg nak jd ank solehah tlg mama..hehe..
lillahi taala je la..

erm..snarnye da nek bosan dok umah sajer..n that is not a reason for me not doing other thing juz..i missed all the time that i had together with my friends..

lamer nyer kna cuti..alahai~