Tuesday, April 21, 2009


salam guyz..
(btoi2 b4 msuk interview..xcited lak)

quite some time x post..byk rse nak tulis but then byk lg yg m'halang.. so, last friday n saturday i was in perak..erm.. intebiu for UTP.. my head was lil bit messy..maybe a lot..
still i hav to attend no matter what coz my dad da blackmail x mo bg laptop if i quit...

so, i did went the interview..
(without telling erm..him.. the one in lumut...u dont know who la)

guyz..cam biase...i was so so so cuak..hell! saPe x cuak dowh..

erm..i met various type of people..erm..dak2 kerek pown der..yg humble sgt pown ader..n yg blurr cam aku pown ader.

i was sitting on few type of test for this utp application..math,chem,phisics,addMath (aku x ready ape pown..plus some of the formula is not with me!!! not in my brain!! tp thank god not so susah la)..iQ test

being in front 2 people we have no damn clue who the hell r they n have to speak out our opinion on something that like hell i know is so darn depressing!! at first la

then for about few minutes telling stuff bout myself..it was quite ok-la..( the feeling was like u r talking an stage~ betoi x tipu)

i juz start being myseft n talked..talked..

sometime i dont even realise what the hell is happening until i was asked by the accessor..
erm..the..i blurted something that i have no idea what..tp the accessor tu cam pham je..yeke..?
i dont know eh

erm..it was fun..doakan la ku dpt kat situ..

btoi2 nak..

for the first time in my life i really have my goal.. till i hav forgotten all the reason i want to become a doctor once upon a time ago..

now insya allah..i want to be a petroleum engineer.. ^_^

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