Thursday, April 2, 2009

so it be.. and alhamdulillah

salam guyz..
erm..always lurve this thing..

"hope for the best and prepare for the worst" ngate aku jer..
erm..yup result spm da kluar..and i'm doing good..not great..still alhamdulillah..dpat cam trial gak tp even better..( howcome nak dpt result mantap if u r facing to the pc for 23 hours a day men game eh..huhu ~_~)
i learned my lesson..

the point is it doesnt mean that ur life ends.. uh-huh no need la nak commit suicide juz bcoz u r not getting flying colours result eh.. yeah.. coz byk lg test kat dunia neh..
the small test u r facing is not a test about u r is a test how u face ur probs..or
maybe a test how greatful r u as a person..or perhaps it juz a test for u to improve urself..

not doing great in spm doesnt mean that u r failure for the rest of ur life..
bur u r afailure for the rest of ur life if u dont get up for every fall u had..

erm.. i'm not talking out of random.. i'm talking about myself..something that i believe i shud share with others..( n it is not about something that make us feel bad or good about ourselve after getting not axpecte result..)
it is abut to make us realise that
we desearve the 2nd chance if we learned from our mistakes..

things had face it lar..
so skang tsadai kat umah donig all the chores..yeah..biler lg nak jd ank solehah tlg mama..hehe..
lillahi taala je la..

erm..snarnye da nek bosan dok umah sajer..n that is not a reason for me not doing other thing juz..i missed all the time that i had together with my friends..

lamer nyer kna cuti..alahai~


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