Saturday, March 28, 2009

i'm a driver~

uh-huh..yep i'm now..

so i passed the car-driving-test with the jpj yesterday..hoho..

tell ya the truth it was my second..i failed at my first test..

so, watchout drivers out the diz girl is driving sooner..
( only after i got the damn P licence eh)

err.. i was thinking that i juz want to post it as short as posible.. so it be.

salam guyz


Monday, March 23, 2009

yeah.. it is present..

salam guys..
hav u ever heard bout >>

yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift..
(dat is why we call it the present)

erm..i know how things work sumtime..but i rarely realise how was it..until something happened and i cant undo thing to make it any better..
still i believe everybody deserve 2nd chance..
hurm..i juz wish that people would stop thinking what other think..
or maybe juz stop judge people juz because they r different..hate damn kind or person.. but no offense..i juz said it randomly without pointing anyone..
dont u ever know..what make people is people is by being ourselves..
erm..still people want 2 b like others..
they dont realise the value of our inner self..
owh.. i know..maybe my posting today is quite boring..
i'm juz xpressing what i felt today..
( i hate the guy with that stupid red hat looking at me as if i'm a wEirDo!!..arghh..forget bout it..who care anywhere..haha)
erm..last few days i went to Terengganu..nice place lol..
by rmmbering my last vacation..i felt as if i'm transformed.. i found a new me..
do u think it is normal..??
i dont know..
hey quite long today eh?
erm..i to go...^_^

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i'm what?!

sALam readers...
erm..firstly sorry da lame x update eh.
ok, i'm 18 now..! so what? hurm does it make any diff..mybe it does.. still, i'm looking foward to see a 'mature'
maybe i did change a bit. a bit older.damn it..hate to admit that i'm growing old..hey..not that old..juz wish that i could b a kid again..haha...coz whenever u say anything nobody will blame u..

i seem to b lost for couple of month ago..i wish u could understand..i even feel lost when i can't decide what i should b in the future! hurm time went by so fast..(maybe not so fast..especially in the that stupid history class..hate that class lol)..

so,my result was ok la..if u wish to know..juz ask my personally as i dont wish to tell the world k..hey gtg..hate it but hav to..miSsy..♠